Easypaisa: How To Open Easypaisa Account In Pakistan – [Latest]

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Daily financial transactions have made operations comfortable that were not even imaginable in Pakistan a few years ago. No more days when you have to travel to a specific bank to transfer funds to another account. Now you can transfer money through Easypaisa to another account without any problem. This process is simple and easy to understand. Any mobile phone subscriber can create an Easypaisa account to take advantage of the ease of transferring and receiving funds within minutes.

What is Easy Paisa?

Anyone with a Telenor SIM card that wants immediate access to a bank account from their mobile phone can use the Easypaisa mobile account. Anyone with a Telenor SIM card wants to be free to send money or receive money from other people or pay bills from his mobile phone at any time.

How does Easy Paisa work?

Many of us don’t know How actually Easypaisa work? The sender must bring and submit the following to transfer money:

Sender Documents:

  • The sender should have a Valid CNIC and one Copy of CNIC
  • Valid Moblie number

Receiver Documents:

  • The Receiver should have a Valid CNIC and one Copy of CNIC
  • Valid Moblie number

It is worth noting that Easypaisa account is actually a bank account on your phone. The account can be used to pay bills, transfer money and many other functions that include international home transport, easy download, download other mobile networks, donations, and transfer funds to any bank account.

How To Open Easypaisa Account – Step by Step Guide

Follow the steps mentioned below to open your Easypaisa account easily.

How To Activate Easy Paisa Account?

Step 1 To Follow:

  • For Telenor Users: Simply dial *345*3737# from your phone to open an account
  • Non-Telenor mobile users must open their account by sending “EPC <space> CNIC” from EP to 0345-111-3737
  • After you send the message, the user will receive a confirmation message from 3737.
  • The message will indicate successful activation of your Easypaisa account
  • Telenor users can visit any sales center and services at Telenor, MLM or Offices to open their account

Step 2 To Follow:

  • Participants in Telenor need to dial the following code to active *786#
  • The user will be prompted to create a 5-digit PIN which they need to remember
  • You must re-enter the PIN to re-confirm your activation
  • Users who do not belong to Telenor must send “PIN <Space> 5 digit PIN <Space> Confirm 5 digit PIN to 0345-1113737. Remember this step is only for the users who don’t belong to Telenor Network.

Step 3 To Follow:

The 3rd step needs some bank account interaction. You need to transfer some funds to your Easypaisa account. You can do this using your online bank transfer. For those who don’t know how to deposit money then follow the guide below.

  • You can transfer from any outlet of Easypaisa shop which is available almost all over Pakistan
  • You can also do an online bank transfer from your active bank account
  • Also, you can transfer money from any other Easypaisa account
  • The person who is the owner of any MasterCard/visa card can also transfer the money online to his Easypaisa account.
  • Your Easypaisa account has been created and your phone number will now be your Easypaisa account.

Easypaisa Account Login

In order to log in to your Easypaisa account, you need to visit the official Easypaisa account website. You can log in to your Easypaisa Account by visiting the Official Website Here.

Easypaisa Account Sign Up

If you need to Sign Up for the Easypaisa account then follow the official website of Easypaisa to Sign Up.

How can I Cancel Easypaisa Transaction?

The sender can also cancel the transaction, before receiving the transferred funds. This process can only be done if the receiver has not received the money. If you need to cancel the transaction then do it before the transaction gets successfully to the receiver account.

  • Customer needs to dial a code *786#
  • Choose option 6 “My Account”
  • Now you have to pick the option 5 “Cancel Mobile Send”
  • You need to Enter the mobile number of the receiver.
  • At last, you have to Enter the Easypaisa PIN to confirm the cancellation.

How can I get Easypaisa OTP code?

Opening a new Easypaisa account through the Easypaisa application is a simple process in which customers register with their mobile phone number and CNIC, and then a unique OTP password is sent to their phones automatically. Customers then enter the required PIN and use it to log on to the application.

Can I Transfer funds from My Bank account to an Easypaisa Account?

To receive funds directly into your Easypaisa account, simply visit your ATM or online banking, select Telenor Bank from the bank’s list and use the Easypaisa Money Transfer account number immediately.

How much Money we can send through Easy Paisa?

You can send or receive Rs at most. 10000 or the maximum of three operations per month by CNIC. Anyone with CNIC (including non-Telenor clients) can send money through money transfer. There is no requirement to register the sender or receiver.

How can I pay Easypaisa token?

Below are some steps you need to pay using your ATM

  • Visit any ATM for the Summit Fund.
  • Select the utility invoice payment option.
  • In the billing company category list, select Other.
  • On the next screen, select Purchases online.
  • In the Company list, select Easypay.
  • Select Unregistered Consumer.
  • Enter the token number and choose to Continue to make a payment.

What is Easypaisa Mobile Account?

Easypaisa is a bank account on your phone. It is exceptionally easy to use and available to any mobile phone subscriber in any network. Subscribers can use the Easypaisa account to pay bills, transfer money and a whole new series of services from their mobile phones.

How I close my Easypaisa Account?

Here is the procedure of closing the Easypaisa mobile account? Visit the nearest Telenor S & SC center, the Franchise Telenor or the Tameer bank branch with a copy of your CNIC. The client will be asked to complete the account closure form. The account is closed after customer verification.

Money transfer cannot be easier than this. Now Easypaisa has done almost all the ease to transfer the funds to any other individual.

Telenor subscribers can access their Easypaisa account by dialing *786# from their mobile device. In addition, it is also accessible through the Easypaisa application, the SMS interface (for non-users) and telephone banking.

We hope you like our post on opening an Easypaisa Account. Also, if you suggest some ideas to write more on then we would love to hear your feedback.

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