How Students Can Earn Money Online

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Well this article will cover the concepts related to students. Now students can earn easily a lot of money by sitting at home. Here in this guide we will talk about the ways of how students can earn money online. Follow our guide till end.

Students think that earning money online is so difficult but in reality if there is someone who can guide you the quick and easy way of earning online money.

Many people search on the google that how to earn money online but they don’t get any satisfactory answer. There are a lot of scams out there in Pakistan. People mis guide you in such a way that people believe in them.

So you have also searched online for earning online and you came across with such people who asks you to pay first then they will give you some account and after that you can earn. Many simple people believes in them and they pay to the scammer just to earn online. But, is there any way where students can make money in Pakistan online just by sitting home? Yes, there are a lot of ways by which you can avail and start your online career. Please follow our guide and we will help our students to make extra money online just using your laptop and computer.

Things you need to start your online money career

  • Laptop
  • Computer
  • Mobile
  • Working Internet Connection

If you have the above mentioned things then you are now ready to start your career as an online career.

This method is for both genders males and females. There are two types of jobs you can do online and you don’t have to give your full time.

  • Full Time
  • Part Time

Some extra things you need to make money online in Pakistan

  • You should know the basics of computer
  • You must know the basics of English language
  • You should have the hardworking abilities

Earning money online nowadays for students in Pakistan is not a big problem. Students are now getting awareness of how they can earn money online with some easy methods. Usually, when people search for something like How to earn money online, they get whole lots of results but only a few of them are for real. Most of them are just scams. They ask you to visit some page and do something or click an appearing ad, afterward they repeat the process and go on and on. This gives them the benefit and you get nothing. But as technology is evolving by the time, the methods to earn money are also increasing. We are now providing you with a guide that focuses on How Students Can Earn Money Online. The methods to earn money Online are given below.

Create a Website or Blog

If you want to earn money online the best method for earning it is by creating a Blog Or Website that has a specific topic on which you will work. The easiest way is that you can place some unique content on the website and place some of the advertisements and Boom! you will start earning. But the main thing is that you should have a trending topic happening in real time, there is also a solution to this problem you can visit Google Trends and see the trending topics of a specific country.

The first method which we are now discussing is to earn the money online using blogging. For this purpose you need a website. But, remember this is not that much easy, you have to give your utmost efforts to achieve this goal. You have heard how people are earning a lot from their website but no one before told you how to do this in reality. For this you just need a laptop or computer with the running internet connection. The only skill you need is the good command in the English language and secondly you have to be in touch with the latest news and trends. Remember, blogging is not that much easy. You have to give daily around 2 hours to your website if you are really serious about earning money using your website.

The very first thing you need to start your website is to buy a good domain for your website. Now you are curious about domain. Well, domain means your website’s unique identification on the Internet. Next thing you need is the hosting where your website’s data gets stored. If you face any kind of problem then you can search on YouTube “how to make a website online”.

Now we hope that you have a website and the next thing you need is to find a category on which you will write on.

For this purpose, you need to write on such a category which you love to write.

There are some ideas which you can use to write on and these are as follows:

  • Start a news website
  • Write the trending news
  • How to stuff
  • Answering to what people are asking on Internet
  • Talk about the celebrity
  • Talk about the scandals
  • Spread the right information
  • Write reviews
  • Food Blog
  • Travel Blog
  • Fitness Blog
  • Health Blog
  • Cyber security Blog

Well, there are a lot of more ideas on which you can write on.

Remember, when you start writing on your blog you have to show some patience. Earning is not that much easy. You have to put your a lot of efforts.

How you get paid using blogging

There are many ways you get paid and there are a lot of networks by which you can earn money and get paid online. There are some display advertisements which are controlled by some famous giants.

The following ad networks are:

  • Google Adsense
  • Infolinks
  • Adwager
  • Chitika
  • Medianet

You will register your site on these ad networks and then your website will start showing the ads. The more organic traffic your site gets the more you get a chance to earn. There are a lot of factors side by side which you should consider.

Things you need to take care in blogging

There are some things you need to care of before writing the content for your website. Your content should be unique and you have to generate your own idea instead of just copying the content from somewhere else. Remember, by doing this your blog might not attract the organic traffic. Yes you can take the ideas but the next thing you need is to convert it into such a manner that it should pass the uniqueness test. Google will penalize you if you copy the content from some other site and just paste on your own website but this is not a good technique to use.

When you start website and you aim to earn money from that then forget about the money for the starting 3 months. You have to put a lot of efforts to get something. Don’t just lose your hopes in the beginning.


When the ads will be placed on your website and someone will click on the ad you will get a specific amount of profits from Google Adsense. That is the first method for earning money online.

Working on Fiverr

Now the second method for earning money online is working on Fiverr. It is a platform for people who want to earn money and sell their work. If you are good at anything and you can sell it then do it. Because by doing this you can earn a lot of money. You just have to create a gig on Fiverr and provide some of your details and that is it. Now if anyone wants you to do the thing your gig is about he will order you and after completing his order you will get paid.

You can sell anything, even sell jokes online. Some people do pay for jokes or quotes. If you can write well you can earn by writing a good article. This will give the students the chance not only to earn but they also learn many things by doing this. It will be a really great experience for them.

Freelance writing

Another method for earning money online is by freelancing. Now if you should be provided with a platform on which you can write your content and get the money you probably will take this chance and do it.

There are many Freelance writing sites like Freelancer, Upwork, iWriter, and Textbroker that allow writers to connect with different companies and write content for them. So if you can write best you should sign up for it and be what you want to.

Earning Money By Youtube

You all watch and enjoy different videos on Youtube. These YouTubers earn money when someone watches their video and while watching suddenly an ad is shown. Basically, they are providing a platform on which ads can be posted and they get paid.

You can also create your own channel on Youtube and make something unique and post it on your channel. When the users will be attracted to your unique content you will get views. After some time you will be allowed to place ads on your Youtube channel and earn.

Things you need to take care of

Well, before doing online work, you must take care of the people who are scam. Well, its really difficult that you can differentiate between a good person or a bad person. Well, many famous brands are also sometimes scams with you in order to take benefits from you. What i suggest is to never ever trust anyone and instead just focus on your own work. Open your website or a freelance account and start making the valuable clients. Once you have make your brand online then you don’t need any job. There are a lot of scam sites online which will ask you to invest something and when you invest they disappear without even letting you know. You need not to trust anyone. Google Adsense is free and everyone can open the google account and then signup for the google adsense account. You just need the skills and nothing else.

These were some of the best ways to earn money online for students. But if you can do some more research then do and please try these methods and let us know about your reviews.


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