Telenor SMS Bundles – Daily, 3 Days, 5 Days, Weekly & Monthly SMS Packages

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Telenor, the famous telecommunications company, always tries to provide more convenience to its users. This is why they offer very attractive offers to their esteemed customers so they are more satisfied with the services. Telenor offers highly attractive SMS packages for users roaming around chatting. Let’s see how convenient packages they provide for Telenor users. I will discuss SMS packages daily, weekly and monthly.

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Telenor SMS Packages – Prepaid Customers

Below you will find all the Telenor SMS Bundles which are only for the Prepaid Telenor Users.

Telenor Daily SMS Packages

Daily Telenor SMS packages are for those prepaid users who are not crazy users and who wish to use only a few SMS service. However, if you belong to a small business and need to promote business through SMS service, it is certain that these packages are yours. Check them out and select the one that suits you best.

Complete List of Telenor Daily SMS Bundles

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Telenor 3-Days & 5-Days SMS Package

Can not find suitable SMS display in daily packages? Move in packages for 3 days and 5 days. These offers are available for a limited period of time. So, without a doubt, they are affordable. Check them below.

Complete List of Telenor 3-Days & 5-Days SMS Package

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Telenor Weekly SMS Packages

For crazy announcers, Telenor offers unlimited SMS offers weekly. You can choose which ones to connect to your friends circle all the time.

Complete List of Telenor Weekly SMS Packages

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Telenor Fortnightly & Monthly SMS Bundles

If you do not want to sign up again and again, there are some SMS packages every 15 days and months. You can choose any of them.

Complete List of Telenor Fortnightly & Monthly SMS Bundles

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Telenor SMS Bundles Terms & Conditions for Prepaid Customers

  • The above packages are only for prepaid Telenor users.
  • You can subscribe to only one SMS packet at a time. If you use the SMS package and wish to subscribe to another, the first one will be automatically canceled.
  • SMS can be sent to any network in Pakistan.
  • International messages are not included in the packages. Even if you are on international roaming, you must subscribe to the international messaging package to use the international express mail service.
  • The company can freeze any offer at any time.
  • All package prices include tax.

Telenor SMS Bundles – Postpaid Users

Telenor does not ignore its postpaid customers. Some packages are also offered cheap messages. However, they do not have many options such as prepaid users among daily, weekly and monthly SMS packages. Only a few SMS packages are valid for one month. These packages make it easy to send messages to any network in Pakistan at any time. Details are provided below.

Complete List of Telenor Postpaid SMS Packages

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Telenor Postpaid Bundles Terms & Conditions

  • The above SMS packages are valid for all postpaid customers regardless of the current package they are using.
  • The company offers these packages for a limited period.
  • This is not valid for sending SMS to an international destination outside of Pakistan.
  • The subscription is not automatically renewed once it expires. You must re-subscribe using the USSD code.
  • The package price does not include tax.
  • If you have sufficient account credit, the SMS package will automatically re-subscribe once it expires.

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