Simple Guide To Meta Tags – Types of Meta Tags In SEO – Still a Ranking Factor? [Updated]

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Hello Friends! Many of you are doing SEO for a very long time and don’t know Meta Tags! Well, in this fresh SEO Guide, I will talk about Meta Tags. Many people still asks that still google prefer Meta Tags for organic rankings? The question is simply yes. There are some Meta tags which google considers a lot.

Meta Tags from the beginning of Search Engine Optimization are important. Rather we can say that is the base of SEO. There are so many tags which are used in organic rankings. The person who is SEO Practitioner must know these tags.

Meta Tags as a Google Page Rank? Still a Factor?

Well, there are so many factors which Google considers. These days SEO is totally evolved. Many people ask from me that should we use meta tags? I simply say that yes! But, there are some tags which google considers first when scanning your page. Follow us and I will guide you how this can affect your website SEO.

Well, the core concepts of SEO are still the same. The Meta Tags are very old as far as I remember or when I started SEO till yet. I heard from many areas that these tags played a very big role in search engines history. These tags were a ranking factor of google as far as people not spam. But, unfortunately, google now don’t pay much attention in these SEO Meta Tags. People started stuffing the keywords which they want to rank in these tags.

I remember when people started spamming to win the SERPS. Google then started to track this kind of activity for the people who are adopting these kinds of tactics. Google then stated that they don’t focus on the meta tags as a ranking factor. Well, this does not mean at all that they are not a ranking factor. Meta Tags plays a very important role in your site’s seo rankings. The point is you use these tags in a white manner SEO. Google is so smart that it can differentiate between black hat and white hat SEO.

What are Meta Tags?

Well, for the people who don’t know about meta tags. This is the information in your site which is seen by the google bot when they crawl your site. This piece of code is not visible to humans. Whenever you publish any post, there are some plugins or some other ways by which your tags are generated. In simple terms, these are the terms which you want only search engines can see. This is one of the most legal way of hiding your keywords related terms in the html of your code. This also help the search engines to see what your whole page is all about. Like, you are giving the summary to google bot that hey google I am talking about this keyword or topic. So, in short they play a very vital role in the field of SEO.

Where you can find Meta Tags?

Now you are wondering where to find the auto generated meta tags in your website.

  • Open the website
  • Now, right click on your mouse
  • There, click on “View Source”
  • New screen will appear
  • There find the <head> section in your HTML
  • <head> is the area where your meta tags are placed
  • Remember, there are two tags of head section
  • Your Meta Tags are present between the <head> and </head> section
  • See the text which contains “Tags” within these head sections

Types of Meta Tags in SEO

There are many type of Meta Tags which are the part of SEO. But, here we will talk about the most important Meta Tags.

There are 3 types of Meta Tags which plays a vital role in SEO. These are:

  • Title Tag
  • Description Tag
  • Keywords Tag

Let us now discuss each meta tag in detail.

Title Tag:

Title Tag: Well, the title tag is the tag which shows at the top of section where tags starts. This tag shows the text which you see in the SERP or Google listings. This is very important infact google sees this to determine what your page is all about. People include keyword which they want to target in their title tag. This title tag looks like:

<title> This will show in the google SERPS </title>

Description Tag:

The very next tag which comes after the title tag is your description tag. This tag is below the <title> tag in your html section. In this tag, people write a short summary of their content which shows up in the SERP. There are two main things in google serps which are SEO Title and second one is Meta Description. There is a limit to the amount of words you can use in description of your article. If you exceed that limit which is 160 characters then google will not show the remaining. Google always show what is beneficial for their searchers. We have to deliver the best content for humans as well as for the google. But, remember not to do any kind of spam.

<meta name=”description” content=” Your Page summary which readers will see”/>

Keywords Tag:

Well, the next tag which we will talk about is the keywords tag. As the name suggests, in this tag we write some keywords which we want to rank our particular page. But, remember stuffing the keywords in this tag is not a practical way. Google in these days not pays much attention in this tag as people starting stuffing. For example if I want to rank for “Best Shoes” people stuff this tag with best shoes or related keywords. This will not rank your site. Remember SEO is now changed. That’s the reason why google is updating their algorithm. Google aims to deliver the best quality content to its readers at any cost. For this, you have to use keywords naturally in your content. Use maximum LSI keywords in your content. Please don’t spam your tags with keywords for ranking. It will not rank your site.

<meta name=”keywords” content=”best shoes, top shoes, best shoe and etc”/>

Hurrah! I hope you have now a pretty good information about the Meta Tags. Well, google reads your meta tags to understand what your content is all about. These are tags that helps the google bot in crawling and indexing your site’s pages. Who don’t want to see their pages/posts in the top of SERPS. To achieve this, one must have to follow the proper guidelines of SEO. This is why the Meta Tags are still important for the SEO and higher organic rankings in the search results.


Well, in the end remember one thing. Don’t ever try to fool the google by providing irrelevant information. Google is so smart. Google now working day and night to help the searchers finds the best content. Remember, the relevancy is what google wants. Google Search Engine will surely help in showing the best results in SERPS for the query typed in google.

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